Sunday, March 10, 2013

Updates To The Guide

There have been two three versions uploaded to since the original 1.0 version.  1.0 does not have a version number on the title page, it has been added to all later versions.

Version 1.1 corrected some typographical errors and informational one as well:
  • 1956 Baseball Buttons were advertised on the box at 90, not 60, now corrected.  
  • #100 was added to the 1955 Hocus Focus Small checklist.
  • Thanks list, bibliography and Jeff Shepherd contact information updated.

Version 1.2 corrected additional typos and:
  • Updated information on the Table of Topps Cards Sizes.  
  • Added a reference to Abram Shorin being credited by Topps for coming up with the idea to insert baseball cards with the gum (this is probably not true).
Version 1.2.1 corrected:
  • A silly mistake on the Table of Topps Card sizes-it now includes Fighting Marines in the double-windowed red cello TCG packs grouping.

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