Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update on Updates

Please note I plan to start posting low resolution images (i.e. internet standard 72 DPI) that were not included in the guide here shortly, probably starting next week.  I am also going to proceed with version 2.0 of the guide which will include more readable checklists and a few informational updates.  It is anticipated version 2.0 or version 2.1 will be the one available as a print on demand paperback book from Apologies for the delay in making a true book version available as the "real world" has required some extra attention lately.

I am also looking into an additional hosting site for the online version of the guide, whcih should coincide with version 2.0.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Print On Demand Book

I will begin sprucing up the Modern Hobby Guide next week for eventual upload to, which will allow you to order a book version of the guide in black and white.  Pricing is not set yet but will be reasonable from what I have seen on the site.  I may do a color version if there is enough interest but pricing for that looks like it will be a bit unreasonable and likely in excess of $100. If you have interest in a color copy please e-mail me at the link above.

I am anticipating the print on demand book will be available in late April.  Please note the books will mailed by  This probably doesn't affect anyone reading this post but I may look into a way for a group order to be made for "offline" folks (yes, there still are some) who want a hard copy.  I am not sure this will happen but wanted to mention it.  Unfortunately I don't have enough free time to order a print run of 500 or so copies and then mail them individually.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Updates To The Guide

There have been two three versions uploaded to since the original 1.0 version.  1.0 does not have a version number on the title page, it has been added to all later versions.

Version 1.1 corrected some typographical errors and informational one as well:
  • 1956 Baseball Buttons were advertised on the box at 90, not 60, now corrected.  
  • #100 was added to the 1955 Hocus Focus Small checklist.
  • Thanks list, bibliography and Jeff Shepherd contact information updated.

Version 1.2 corrected additional typos and:
  • Updated information on the Table of Topps Cards Sizes.  
  • Added a reference to Abram Shorin being credited by Topps for coming up with the idea to insert baseball cards with the gum (this is probably not true).
Version 1.2.1 corrected:
  • A silly mistake on the Table of Topps Card sizes-it now includes Fighting Marines in the double-windowed red cello TCG packs grouping.