Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Print On Demand Book

I will begin sprucing up the Modern Hobby Guide next week for eventual upload to, which will allow you to order a book version of the guide in black and white.  Pricing is not set yet but will be reasonable from what I have seen on the site.  I may do a color version if there is enough interest but pricing for that looks like it will be a bit unreasonable and likely in excess of $100. If you have interest in a color copy please e-mail me at the link above.

I am anticipating the print on demand book will be available in late April.  Please note the books will mailed by  This probably doesn't affect anyone reading this post but I may look into a way for a group order to be made for "offline" folks (yes, there still are some) who want a hard copy.  I am not sure this will happen but wanted to mention it.  Unfortunately I don't have enough free time to order a print run of 500 or so copies and then mail them individually.

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