Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sam Rosen

While it's not an earth-shattering correction, I would like to update a small bit of information related to Woody Gelman's Stepfather Sam Rosen. Mr. Rosen founded what became the Card Collectors' Company in 1951 and which was, as detailed in The Modern Hobby Guide, built upon the primordial secondary market foundation developed by Topps to sell off excess and dated inventory. Initially this inventory was sold via Topps' Trading Card Guild and fulfilled by Rosen.

The Trading Card Guild had a tertiary purpose: it was the branding used to retail both the expensive cello packs and 500 count vending boxes and also was a vehicle that allowed collectors to order cards they were missing from their sets.  The common element among these three methods of sale was the lack of gum or any other associated confectionery product.

In the book I stated that Mr. Rosen died in 1955.  In fact he passed away, suddenly, on December 31, 1958, a fact confirmed by the No. 10 Price List of The Card Collectors' Company, which is dated March 20, 1959: