Monday, January 25, 2016

The Latest

Apologies-I have not been keeping up with this blog as I have been posting updates over at the Topps Archives blog instead. I plan to start putting more ancillary material such as photos not used in the book up here again eventually.

I'm also planning two more projects at the moment and will be putting updates and corrections to the first Modern Hobby Guide material in whichever one sees the light of day first. These will not be direct continuations of the post-1956 Topps story as I envision things now. One project will focus on the Insert, Test and Secondary baseball issues from 1948-80 and the other will focus on Non Sports cards from roughly the same period. These will follow the set descriptions and checklists used in the first Modern Hobby Guide for the most part. I'm leaning toward the same model as the first guide, free download along with a print on demand book but will wait and see how things are looking as each project progresses.

I may still continue the Topps story from 1957 onward at some point but there is so much research involved it won't be anytime soon.

The other major sports produced by Topps are not going to be covered by me I don't think, at least in long form.  Hockey is well served by Bobby Burrell's Vintage Hockey Collector Guide, now in its second edition (available here) and football is addressed in detail in a number of spots, especially the Football Card Gallery run by Mike Thomas, viewable here.  There is so little off the beaten path or to be said generally in Topps basketball I can't see how it would fill more than a pamphlet.

So more to come!

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